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Strawberry & More...

Your fate has chosen this flavor for a variety of reasons, and by variety, we mean all the flavors involved in this single 100ml bottle. The One by Beard Vape Co. will send your sweet tooth on a whirlwind of divinity with notes of fluffy dough, juicy strawberries, fruity grains of goodness, and of course milk to roll with it. Combining two all-time favorites, The One will harmonize your taste buds with its complexity, stacking sweet flavors upon sweet flavors that’ll send you on a roller coaster of flavor goodness. This early morning delight comes in a large unicorn bottle and sports a 70VG/30PG blend to satisfy both the cloud chasers and flavor fanatics. You seriously have just stumbled upon The One you’ve been craving your whole life!.

70% VG | 30%PG

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